Akshaya Tritiya importance and celebration in India.


Celebrating the auspiciousness.
The rich heritage of our country is based on maintenance of the traditions in terms of the celebration of auspicious days. Historically Akshaya Tritia is observed on the occasion of the birthday of Parsurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Among the Hindus and the Jains, it is considered a most auspicious day, in terms of initiating a new venture, luxurious investment,marriage and any novel beginning. Various religious rituals and rites are observed on this day both men and women,especially by women. The investments are made, in fact, in terms of Diamond Jewelries and properties.

Strengthening the bonds and ensuring prosperity.
Now, the renowned designers of the celebrated Jewelry Industry of our country magnificently craft unique selection that reflects a perfect blend of rich traditional heritage and modern exoticism. The national tradition of ornamental art is translated into the forms of Diamond Jewelleries selections, which in one the hand reminds the women of their exquisiteness and on the other, the exotic selection magnifies the beauty of womanhood through proper adornment. It is the perfect way to celebrate such auspicious day and strengthen your bonds and purchase of Diamond Jewelleries which promises prosperity. The fusion designs leave the mark of elegacy. The wide range of elite selection is represented by superbly designed earrings, pendants, necklaces, solitaires, all molded with 18 karat gold and are of immaculate designs. The selections are all hallmarks. You also get the advantage of the availability of free gold coins along with a good purchase. The fusion designs fulfill the vintage aspiration and all-time passion of women. To your great advantage you are sure to find the latest selections emitting enlightened glitter to comprehensivelycelebrate the occasion. The colors and exuberance of the selection of Diamond Jewelleries on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya very extensively approve feminity in an instant. It will enhance the unblemished elegance of womanly beauty with a multidimensional appeal.

The exquisite AT Jewelers trademark.
This occasion brings good luck, prosperity and cheerfulness, AT Jewelers, warmly welcome you with its traditional customer-oriented approach with the delicate selections of Diamond Jewelleries on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritia. The essence of auspiciousness is reflected by the touch of an innovative and unique texture of the selected designs on this luck transforming day. You can always add life by adoring the Diamond Jewelleries that completely brings radiating transformation in your appearance. The designs of the exuberant necklaces, intricate dangling earrings, and selected exclusively appealing accessories extend new meaning to your coyness and radiant beauty.

Your Journey towards prosperity.
Lets the god of fortune smile along your journey towards prosperity and while you celebrate the sacred day of Akshaya Tritiya with your family by adoring the Diamond Jewlleries and experience true realization of the aspirations of your life.

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