Kundan Meena is a Colourful Style of Jewellery


Kundan Meena is a colourful style of jewellery that flourished during Mughal Era. These days it is popularly known as “Jadau Jewellery” and is one of the major examples of high skilled craftsmanship. Considered to be a traditional jewellery of India, it is used in many traditional and auspicious occasions like marriages and festival celebrations.

Kundan Meena jewellery is a combination of two fascinating styles. One side of the jewellery piece is embellished with coloured stones and diamonds set with “Kundan” meaning pure gold, and on the other side it is decorated with intricate designs of colourful Meenakari inspired by the Persian style of art. “Kundan Meena – adorn the art” with their blazing hues and exquisite patterns, designers are requested to go out of the box and do some innovation while maintaining the traditionalism of this ancient art.

3 thoughts on “Kundan Meena is a Colourful Style of Jewellery

  1. I’ve been following you since you’ve started your blog.
    I love that jewelry with a colorful stone .It looks so sweet.
    Do you know what the price range of this ?

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